Music was founded in 1999, established by experienced staffs and technicians who had passion and dedication to produce and provide top quality musical products for the world, and today we are now a professional guitar manufacturer with technical manager with 20 years of guitar-making understandings and sales manager with 25 years of market experiences in the musical industry. Our complete knowledge of how to make an excellent guitar and full understanding of what the customers want are the keys to our success, and specially distinguish us from other manufacturers.

Currently, we manufacture all range of guitars starting from acoustic, classical guitars to electric guitar and bass to mandolin, ukulele, jazz, gypsy, resonator, round-back guitars, and all of them are available in left-handed models, and also wooden cases and stands to support them. Your ideal single source for all range of products and at the most competitive price on the market.

Our customers are all around the world which includes some of the world's most famous brands, and our quality and service is honored by all our customers, and we also guarantee that you will be very satisfied with our trustworthy reliability, responsibility, efficient service, and excellent quality products.

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